Jenni Watson and Erin Royer

Commissioning Consortium Opportunity!

If you are interested in supporting new music, you may be interested in my current commissioning project!

One of my biggest passions is getting new music written for the saxophone. I have spent the last 10 years performing and commissioning new works and I am now reaching out to involve the wider saxophone community and supporters of new music in one of my largest commissions to date.  

I am working alongside the outstanding composer Jenni Watson to lead a consortium of 100 musicians/supporters to commission Jenni to write a new work for alto saxophone and track (see below).  

The Work

The work, a 60 minute concept piece titled Adjusting Parameters, has been constructed as a suite of 8 movements. This piece can be either performed in its entirety, as individual movements or as a selection of movements, so it will be versatile to programme. Adjusting Parameters Interpreting shifts in society through shifts in audio An 8 movement work touching on contemporary classical, minimalism and electronica, exploring changes in various areas of culture, such as:

– distortion (of reality)
– filtering (of personal image)
– reverberation (of actions)
– pause (of global operations)
– recording (of historical fact)
– pitch (of authoritative voices)
– tempo (of progress) 

Backing track to include spoken word (multiple languages), layered saxophones, chamber group instrumentation, analogue synthesisers. Optional alternative Soprano Sax part in places.

We have noticed a steep rise in interest for saxophone and track, and Jenni has herself been commissioned more frequently to write backing tracks (Urban Species suite, Deconstruct, Gone Tomorrow, Bleaching, plus many new alternative versions of her existing repertoire for Sax & Piano now as Sax & Track). As a result, having 8 new movements to add to programme repertoire will, we hope, add significantly to the demand for this instrumentation, making performances – in some cases – easier to organise & prepare.

The Composer

Given the last few years we have all had around the world, I would like to use this project to unite a group of musicians/supporters to help create a work that will stand the test of time. Jenni’s compositions saw a tremendously steep rise in popularity during the pandemic, as saxophone players across the globe discovered her excellent music catalogue through her #lockthesaxdown challenge series (with Emma McPhilemy), and she is currently very much in demand for commissions from many saxophonists around the world. For those that do not know Jenni, she is a UK based saxophonist-composer who is quickly gaining a reputation for writing a wealth of emotive, accessible yet challenging, cross-genre music for the saxophone. Her works have occasionally been heard on BBC Radio 3, and her latest project with Selmer/Vandoren/Key Leaves Artist Emma McPhilemy –the ‘Unlocked’ album – gained fantastic support and reviews from the Saxophone community and beyond. 

 “Unlocked is incredibly beautiful!!! Wow!
So rich with textures and melodies, what a wonderful ride.”
Ayanna Witter-Johnson
 The Consortium

We are seeking 100 participants for the consortium. 

To be one of the 100, we are asking a commitment from consortium members of £120 (GBP)

For more details please follow this link:

If you have any questions about the work or the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

With very best wishes, and hoping you would like to be on board,

Erin Royer and Jenni Watson